Take a deep breath in.
And a slow exhale.
Did things just slow down?

Welcome to Pasitha. Not a place, but inspired by one.
Europe is in our heritage.
A place where the art of enjoying the little things is part of the land.
Where time moves more slowly. 
Not for worse, but for the sanctity of our minds. 
Where we connect. Together, and alone. 
Where the days come with ease. Where we notice the beauty.
The beauty of a life of calm.
Pasitha encourages you to take a moment for yourself.

Appreciate the little things around you.


A personal note from Stef (Founder of Pasitha)

Pasitha was born from my own need to find an easy way to relax and create a nice atmosphere in my apartment.

After owning a humidifying diffuser for a while and facing the frustrations of needing to refill it all the time, it smelling strange due to the growth of bacteria and mold, not cleaning it daily (even though I knew it should be), and it leaving moisture on my laptop and other belongings, I created Pasitha.

I wanted to bring to the market a waterless diffuser that was totally fuss-free and portable. And I did!

We Do Diffusers Differently

Pasitha's Waterless Diffusers use nebulizing technology diffusing the oil directly from the essential oil bottle into the air around you. No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart and simple way to diffuse your essential oil - without damaging its molecular structure.

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  • No Water Required

    No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart and simple way to diffuse your oil - without damaging it’s molecular structure.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable

    With a battery life of up to 70 hours, you can take it anywhere you desire. To your office, studio, art room, car. It also has auto-shut off

  • Sleek Elegant Design

    The sleek elegant design is sure to fit in well with the interior of your home and scent your corner of the world.

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How to use a Waterless Diffuser

1. Insert pink plug into nozzle top and press power button to release nozzle.

Ensure diffuser is turned off before proceeding to step 2.

2. Remove nozzle and screw in chosen essential oil bottle.

Take the dropper out of the essential oil bottle before screwing it in.

3. Insert the nozzle (with the essential oil bottle screwed on) back into the diffuser and press the on/off button.

4. Get your favourite glass of wine or coffee and enjoy the magical scents.

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