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  • No Water or Heat Required

    No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart and simple way to diffuse your oil - without damaging it’s molecular structure.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable

    With a battery life of up to 70 hours, you can take it anywhere you desire. To your office, studio, art room, car. It also has auto-shut off.

  • Sleek Elegant Design

    The sleek elegant design is sure to fit in well with the interior of your home and scent your corner of the world.

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Waterless Diffuser Review

"My old diffuser was great... but needing water, it meant that it was more often sitting on my desk gathering dust and a reminder of yet another "to do" item as it needed constant refilling.

Now, I don't need to remember to refill and can enjoy my spa-like office anytime I'd like.
Thank you for such a great product!

- Miranda, BC, Canada.

waterless diffusers


How long does it take to fully charge?

It takes around 6 hours to fully charge the Waterless Diffuser. When charging the LED light will flash and once it’s full the flashing will stop.

How do I insert the essential oil bottle into the diffuser?

1. Insert pink plug into nozzle top and press power button to release nozzle.

Ensure diffuser is turned off before proceeding to step 2.

2. Remove nozzle and screw in chosen essential oil bottle.

Take the dropper out of the essential oil bottle before screwing it in.

3. Insert the nozzle (with the essential oil bottle screwed on) back into the diffuser and press the on/off button.

4. Get your favourite glass of wine or coffee and enjoy the magical scents.

There is no mist coming out of the diffuser?

This is normal as there is no water evaporating out, just essential oils. If you look closely you can see the nano mist of oils coming out.

What is the battery life of the Waterless Diffuser?

When fully charged, the diffusing time is 72hrs on the low intensity setting, 16hrs on the medium intensity setting and 8hrs on the high intensity setting.

What are the different intensity settings?

You can set the diffuser to different intensity setting which means that you can control how much oil is diffused while your diffuser is running, resulting in a less or more intense aroma.

On the low intensity the diffuser atomizes for 15 seconds and rests for 165 seconds, with an oil consumption of 0.15ml/hr.

On the medium intensity the diffuser atomizes for 6 seconds and rests for 120 seconds, with an oil consumption of 0.6ml/hr.

On the high intensity the diffuser atomizes for 12 seconds and rests for 60 seconds, with an oil consumption of 1.2ml/hr.

How do I open the nozzle to change the essential oil?

Insert the pink plug into the nozzle top and press the power button to release the nozzle. Now make sure to turn the diffuser off. Remove the nozzle and screw off the current bottle, and then screw on the essential oil bottle of your choice. Now insert the nozzle with the oil back into the diffuser and press the on button. 

How do I keep it clean?

You can use any cloth to wipe down the diffuser. Microfibre is most recommended. Please ensure not to get any water in the charging port.

I think my Waterless Diffuser might be clogged. How do I unclog it?

This can sometimes occur due to the density of the essential oil that you are using, the weather changes orover a long time period of use. Please contact our customerservice team via email at for assistance with this matter.

Is it meant to make a soft vibration sound?

Yes, this is meant to happen as the diffuser uses nano vibrations to disperse the essential oils.

Does this product have a warranty?

The Waterless diffuser has a lifetime warranty if it has not been misused, damaged or shows signed of clogging. Upon return we will inspect the diffuser to see if there was any damage caused.

How do I change or cancel my order?

If you need to cancel or make any changes to your order please email within 1 hour of ordering and we will do out best to assist.