About Us

Pasitha's misson is to inspire a slower, present and more connected way of living, while helping you to create the atmosphere of your choice.

Hello - I’m Stef the founder and owner of Pasitha.

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for being here and supporting my small business.

I have spent half of my life living in Croatia and the other half in Australia and Canada. I have come to realize that the pace of life here is faster than it was back in Europe. Life is more frantic, on-the-go, and stressful. It is beautiful in its own way, but I found myself needing to escape to the mountains often to decompress and relax.

Pasitha was born from my own need to find an easy way to relax at home and bring nature inside. After owning a humidifying diffuser for a while and facing the frustrations of needing to refill it all the time, it smelling strange due to the growth of bacteria and mold, not cleaning it daily (even though I knew it should be), and it leaving moisture on my laptop and other belongings, I created Pasitha. I wanted to bring to the market a waterless diffuser that was totally fuss-free and portable. And I did!

If you have any questions about the products you can reach me directly at hello@pasitha.com. I'll get back to you within 24-48 hrs.

The Inspiration

Pasitha is inspired by the slower, present, and more connected culture of the European lifestyle – diving into opulent, turquoise water and tasting the salty sea breeze. Sipping cappuccinos on cute, cafe terrasse and long, lazy lunches in sun-drenched spaces. Where soulful adventure, passion and pure wanderlust unfold in a warm, intimate existence. 

In Croatia, there’s a term called ‘fjaka’ – meaning the art of doing nothing or ‘aspiring to nothing’. It’s through Pasitha we pay homage to our Croatian heritage where we slow down, strip back the excess, embrace the power of presence and find joy and fulfillment in simplicity.

Our Products

We do diffusers differently. Ours are waterless, heatless and cordless and use nebulizing technology that diffuse the oil directly from the bottle into the air around you. No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart and simple way to diffuse your oil - without damaging it’s molecular structure.

Our essential oil are blended in Canada and they have their own unique character and purpose, made for you to feel enlightened, calm and hopeful.

Taking a deep breath just became infinitely more magical.  

With distinctive essential oils designed to complement, elevate or soothe your mood, we help customize the air around you. Lead your senses into forest walks where raindrops glisten on trees. Envelope yourself in misty mornings under cozy covers. Savour the kiss of a golden sunrise or fresh, evening air under the stars. Immerse yourself in calming notes of lavender or infuse your surroundings with a citrusy twist to have your spirits soaring.

Slow down & re-set

By harnessing the power of nature, the intelligence of technology and preserving ancient practices, we’re connecting self-care with scents. We’ve bottled the best parts of nature for you to access at your fingertips – with the beguiling ability to bring you down to earth while enhancing your mood.


If we could bottle all the beautiful elements of the European lifestyle, we would. But for now, we hope Pasitha captures the magic of slowing down and savoring the moment. If you listen closely, you just might hear a siren song and feel the gentle caress of the sea.