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Gold Waterless Diffuser

Gold Waterless Diffuser

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"So easy to use and SO mobile! It literally is the perfect thing to have around when I'm constantly switching up my work place and desk situations but want to have my little zen moments!" - Desiree

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The Waterless Diffuser scents your home naturally without damaging your essential oil's molecular and therapeutic structure. Maximize all the benefits essential oils have to offer.

No heat. No water. No fuss.

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Why the Waterless Diffuser?

We do diffusers differently.

Our diffusers are waterless, heatless and cordless. They use nebulizing technology (vibrations) to diffuse fine micro vapor (approximately 1-3 microns) directly from the essential oil bottle into the air around you. No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart and simple way to diffuse - without damaging your oil's molecular or theraputic structure.

How to use

1. Insert pink plug into nozzle top and press power button to release nozzle.

Ensure diffuser is turned off before proceeding to step 2.

2. Remove nozzle and screw in chosen essential oil bottle.

3. Insert the nozzle with the oil bottle back into the diffuser and press the on/off button.

4. Get your favourite glass of wine or coffee and enjoy the magical scents.

Materials & Functionality

- Metal and glass cover

- Auto shut-off

- LED Light

- Oil capacity: 5-20ml bottles

- 1hr, 2hr and 3hr run times.

Shipping & Lifetime Warranty

- Standard Shipping: 3 to 9 business days after dispatch

- Lifetime Warranty

- Exchange or Return within 30 days of purchase

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  • No Water or Heat Required

    No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart and simple way to diffuse your oil - without damaging it’s molecular structure.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable

    With a battery life of up to 70 hours, you can take it anywhere you desire. To your office, studio, art room, car.

  • Sleek Elegant Design

    The sleek elegant design is sure to fit in well with the interior of your home and scent your corner of the world.

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